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Following on from Remote Desktop Services Manager and Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration missing from Server 2012

I need to create a secure connection to a terminal server, only allowing some users external access, while other users only have external access.

Once Remote Desktop Session Host is open. Find the current connector. Rename it to something smart like Internal Connector.

Internal Connector 1

This makes it easier to know what your working with.

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Well i have spend the best part of today trying to get Hyper-V replication working in Server 2012. Lets just say Microsoft documented it well…….

After working through trying to get KERBOS working, i gave up and resorted to using certs.


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I needed to compress a VHD as it was causing backups to fail. The Hyper-V built-in compress tool gained me 15MB! i was impressed. Even after a defrag, it was no better. So then i

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I came across this problem a few weeks ago.

A server had had a “Snap Shot” taken of it, then deleted. But the machine had never been powered down to allow the aVHD to merge with the VHD.  So when the host crashed, i was faced with a Virtual machine that was over 18 months old! View full article »

Well it looks like Our old problem has come back with SP1 for 2008 R2

After spending a while looking, i found the following KB…

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Microsoft have just released a rollup containing all of the updates needed for a stable and happy Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V server

Update for Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 Edition (KB2264080)

Instll sooner rather than later!

I have had this problem with a number of clients over the last months, after a bit of searching i found this

KB Number: KB974909
Title: The network connection of a running Hyper-V virtual machine is lost under heavy outgoing network traffic on a Windows Server 2008 R2-based computer
Description: This affects all guest operating systems.  The fix is applied to the hypervisor and while a reboot is required for installation, no updated need to be applied to the guest operating systems.
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