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Powershell script to add users into AD Group for local and Office 365 setups.

Create users in a CSV File with UserName as first heading.

Import-module ActiveDirectory 
Import-CSV "C:\Users.csv" | % {Add-ADGroupMember -Identity NameOfGroup -Member $_.UserName} 

Adjust the red items to be where your file is

We needed a way of creating 200+ mailboxes in an Exchange 2010 – Office 365 Hybrid. The best way was to create the accounts locally, let the AD sync tool create the accounts into Office 365 then assign a licence to the users (I’m sure we could automate that too, but this will not be a huge issue)

So you need a few things to make it all work


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So i had a problem where a server disk was under too much load, partitions were running out of space and the server just needed some love. This would be simple enough if the driver were all in their own VHD, but in this server, they were not. They were setup as a 120+200+200  View full article »

The final script i needed to get all emails addresses out there was for 2003, google helped me.

With help from i managed to get the script working.

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I needed a way of listing access rights for users on shared mailboxes.

Google helped me out along with a little playing.

So I now have two PowerShell lines. One that lists users with full access to a mailbox, the other shows all users with the send as role.

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I have had a few servers that crap out on installing Exchange server 2007 SP3. After a bit of trial and error, i have worked out what services i need to kill, and how to fix it all when it breaks

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I needed a way to get an output of all email addresses for all users on exchange 2007

Google helped me with this

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