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So i had a problem where a server disk was under too much load, partitions were running out of space and the server just needed some love. This would be simple enough if the driver were all in their own VHD, but in this server, they were not. They were setup as a 120+200+200  View full article »

I needed a way to get a MYOB file from one site to another, and have the users at the 2nd site be able to access the files easily, no digging around in ZIP folders and the likes.

The Remote site uses BackupAssist to ZIP the files, then FTP them to the main office, then the script does the rest View full article »

I needed a way a few years back to clean up a folder that users kept saving backups into. They would save 2-3 GB worth of backups there a week, on a small server, that filled it up fast, Enter ForFiles

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Anyone that has used Trend WFBS would know that it takes up a lot of space for nothing. Trend have a tool to fix this now, so i made it into a script.

Get the files from the below URL, make into an auto install exe, put on your webserver.
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