To upgrade a Miktorik’s firmware, its fairly easy. Put in the file, and reboot it. But there isn’t an way to schedule a reboot.


I have made a script to make it easy.

Run the following command

/system scheduler
add comment=”reboot tonight at 11:59PM” name=”Reboot Router” \
on-event=”/system reboot” policy=reboot,read,write,test,sniff start-date=\
mar/15/2016 start-time=23:59:59
/system script
add comment=”Run to book in a reboot tonight at 11:59PM” name=\
“Book in a Reboot” owner=sysadmin policy=\
ftp,reboot,read,write,policy,test,password,sniff,sensitive source=”:local Da\
teInfo [/system clock get date]\r\
\n/system scheduler\r\
\nremove [find name=\”Reboot Router\”]\r\
\nadd name=\”Reboot Router\” on-event=\”/system reboot\” policy=\\\r\
\n reboot,read,write,test,sniff start-date=\$DateInfo start-time=23:59:59\
\_comment=\”reboot tonight at 11:59PM at 11:59PM\”\r\


The first part makes a schedule to reboot the router, its got todays date, but its just a number.

The second part makes a script that when run, will discover the routers date, and make it reboot at 23:59:59 that day.


When you next want to book in a reboot, simply run the script again from system scripts to update date to todays date 🙂