The default IP address on the Telstra MF823 4G router is

If you want to connect this to a router, and to a LAN that has the same IP range (but this should never happen in the real world……) you need to change the IP on the router.


You can call Telstra, bump your ass on the moon for a while, or follow these steps.

Connect modem to PC, check that its all working correctly. Ping

If all is working OK, then start up PUTTY or any other telnet client.

Telnet to

Username: root
Password: zte9x15

browse to the config file.

cd /usr/zte_web/web/js/config/datacard/mf832

Now make a backup copy of the current settings file

cp ./menu.js ./menu.js.old


Now, edit the file.

vi menu.js


Dig through the file, until you find the PIN information.


Below PIN_Management, put in the following


Now hit Escape :w to save the file
Then Control + Z to exit.

Load up the webpage, Click Settings, Device Settings, and then you will see
Router Settings


Go back to connections, Disconnect from the internet, then come back and make the changes needed. Apply, and connect, and away you go!


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