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Following on from Remote Desktop Services Manager and Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration missing from Server 2012

I need to create a secure connection to a terminal server, only allowing some users external access, while other users only have external access.

Once Remote Desktop Session Host is open. Find the current connector. Rename it to something smart like Internal Connector.

Internal Connector 1

This makes it easier to know what your working with.

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So this is the first time i have really came across the need in Server 2012 for Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration. We have a client that needs to allow generic accounts to log into their terminal server from internally, but prevent these accounts from external.

In Server 2008 R2 it was easy. Add a new connector, add a new NIC, and setup as needed. In Server 2012, Microsoft decided we don’t need to do that anymore. Well I’m sorry, but i do.

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We have been having problems since day one with QuoteWerks with it crashing if you left it idle for a while and went and done something else. When i came back, clicked on something, it would crash out.

Yesterday a client had a problem with MYOB on a new server crashing out. With some research i found that the “Unable to access data file” was caused by a GPO setting.  View full article »

So i had a problem where a server disk was under too much load, partitions were running out of space and the server just needed some love. This would be simple enough if the driver were all in their own VHD, but in this server, they were not. They were setup as a 120+200+200  View full article »

Well i have spend the best part of today trying to get Hyper-V replication working in Server 2012. Lets just say Microsoft documented it well…….

After working through trying to get KERBOS working, i gave up and resorted to using certs.


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Well i thought this was going to be hard, but not so. Just need the right commands!


On the old server

stsadm -o export -url http://sharepointwebsite -filename c:\backup\export.bak -includeusersecurity


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I needed to remove the licenses from a SBS 2003 box Its easy when you know how!

Simply  renaming the file:

The next time you refresh the licensing snap-in it will throw a 1016 in the event viewer and mount a fresh license store.

You can now have a blank licencing DB

I needed to compress a VHD as it was causing backups to fail. The Hyper-V built-in compress tool gained me 15MB! i was impressed. Even after a defrag, it was no better. So then i

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I came across this problem a few weeks ago.

A server had had a “Snap Shot” taken of it, then deleted. But the machine had never been powered down to allow the aVHD to merge with the VHD.  So when the host crashed, i was faced with a Virtual machine that was over 18 months old! View full article »

I came across this problem late last night. I needed to change the recovery model of a SharePoint DB, but came up with this error

After a bit of searching i managed to find out how to fix it.

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