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We have been having problems since day one with QuoteWerks with it crashing if you left it idle for a while and went and done something else. When i came back, clicked on something, it would crash out.

Yesterday a client had a problem with MYOB on a new server crashing out. With some research i found that the “Unable to access data file” was caused by a GPO setting.  View full article »

Ok, so the documentation on automatically importing updated suppliers price lists into QuoteWerks is a little hard to understand. I needed a way to get Ingram Micro (Australian), Dicker Data and Leader computers automatically importing. The process took a little fine tuning, but i now have it.

The 1st step is to save the import templates for each supplier. Once they are working as they should be, I.E. press on it, click next lots, then you are ready to move on…

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