We have been having problems since day one with QuoteWerks with it crashing if you left it idle for a while and went and done something else. When i came back, clicked on something, it would crash out.

Yesterday a client had a problem with MYOB on a new server crashing out. With some research i found that the “Unable to access data file” was caused by a GPO setting. We have GPO set to Replace nework drives. This means that if a user is removed from the group, they no longer get the drive. Sounds simple enough… Well apparently doing this, causes the network drive to get deleted, then recreated every time it does a GPO update 1-2 hours. This causes QuoteWerks to crash for us, MYOB for another client and most likely any other application running a client front end and DB back end. The fix is simple enough.

Head to your GPO where you are deploying mapped network drives from

Change from Replace



GPO Replace


To update


GPO update


Run a GPUPDATE / Force on the machine having problems, log off, then back on again.


BAM, no more crashing!!

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