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Anyone that has used Trend WFBS would know that it takes up a lot of space for nothing. Trend have a tool to fix this now, so i made it into a script.

Get the files from the below URL, make into an auto install exe, put on your webserver.
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This is my VBS script to automatically download, install and run a spybot scan.

IT, checks to see if c:spybotspybotsd.exe exists, if not, it then downloads it from the URL
Then updates and scans.

If it does exist, then it updates and scans.
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Here is another checking script. Will create error in dashboard if version number is not correct. Once a new version comes out, all you need to do is know the build numbers. Updating a machine, then running it on there will get it for you.

You will need to edit these build numbers, and the text for the latest versions. I have also notices that the main build doen’t change when you apply a hot fix, i will look into this later on to see where that get saved

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I have created a VBS script that will read from the system registry a products version number.

The 1st part detects what operating system you are using 64bit or 32bit, then assigns the strings as needed.

the 2nd part reads the keys, then depending on the output, will output the different results.

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