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So this is the first time i have really came across the need in Server 2012 for Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration. We have a client that needs to allow generic accounts to log into their terminal server from internally, but prevent these accounts from external.

In Server 2008 R2 it was easy. Add a new connector, add a new NIC, and setup as needed. In Server 2012, Microsoft decided we don’t need to do that anymore. Well I’m sorry, but i do.

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We have been having problems since day one with QuoteWerks with it crashing if you left it idle for a while and went and done something else. When i came back, clicked on something, it would crash out.

Yesterday a client had a problem with MYOB on a new server crashing out. With some research i found that the “Unable to access data file” was caused by a GPO setting.  View full article »

So i had a problem where a server disk was under too much load, partitions were running out of space and the server just needed some love. This would be simple enough if the driver were all in their own VHD, but in this server, they were not. They were setup as a 120+200+200  View full article »

I needed a script to find out the status of Windows Task Scheduler. If one has a problem, to echo it out as a problem and exit on an error code


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We have all had problems with users saving files where we don’t want them. Like saving files to their desktop on a laptop, or saving files to the local my document folder. Today, I found the solution!


I have created a script

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So people dont like that they cant use saved usernames and passwords on their Server 2008 / R2 machines, they get


Your system administrator does not allow the use of saved credentials to log on to the remote computer

So i found the solution.

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Well i have spend the best part of today trying to get Hyper-V replication working in Server 2012. Lets just say Microsoft documented it well…….

After working through trying to get KERBOS working, i gave up and resorted to using certs.


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Well i thought this was going to be hard, but not so. Just need the right commands!


On the old server

stsadm -o export -url http://sharepointwebsite -filename c:\backup\export.bak -includeusersecurity


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To make all traffic from http go to HTTPs


1.Install the Microsoft  URL Rewrite Module

2. Install  your SSL certificate in IIS 7 and bind it to your website

3. ensure that Require  SSL is NOT checked under SSL Settings for your website

4. Copy and paste the following code between the  <rules> and </rules> tags in your web.config file in your website  root directory.

<rule name=”HTTP to HTTPS redirect”  stopProcessing=”true”>
url=”(.*)” />
<add  input=”{HTTPS}” pattern=”off” ignoreCase=”true”  />
<action  type=”Redirect” redirectType=”Found”  url=”https://{HTTP_HOST}/{R:1}” />

Now test be entering http://yoursite you will then be redirected to https://your site.


Or you can create a rule manually

1. As above until step 4.

2. Click on your web site

3. Select URL Rewrite (installed above)

4. Click Add Rule

5. Blank Rule > Ok

6. Enter all the infomation as below.


Click Apply.

Then test from your by going to http://yoursite

Ok, so the documentation on automatically importing updated suppliers price lists into QuoteWerks is a little hard to understand. I needed a way to get Ingram Micro (Australian), Dicker Data and Leader computers automatically importing. The process took a little fine tuning, but i now have it.

The 1st step is to save the import templates for each supplier. Once they are working as they should be, I.E. press on it, click next lots, then you are ready to move on…

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